Gravity forms learn dash registration

using Gravity Elite license, i want to create a user registration form , which will have regular fields like name , email , password etcc… in addition to other fields like college name, city name, and also some info in the form of check boxes.

idea is to use the info from same registration form for login and also to buy courses.

is it possible?

To register users you need to the User Registration add-on, this add-on also provides a shortcode and widget for login. So you would have one form for the registration, and another (generated by the shortcode or widget) for the login. You can find the documentation for this add-on here: Using the User Registration Add-On - Gravity Forms Documentation

We don’t have an add-on for LearnDash, but they have one for Gravity Forms: Gravity Forms Integration - LearnDash Support
You will want to reach LearnDash staff for any question about it.

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