Need help with User Registration set-up

What, where and how is the Forms Integration, (4th step in set up) as it relates to the user registration (3rd step)?


HI Tricia. Can you point to the documents you’re referring to, and let us know where you’re stuck? Share the URLs or screenshots of the sections you need help with. Thank you.

Hi Chris

Here’s the paste from


To get started, you will need the following plugins installed and activated:

  1. LearnDash LMS
  2. Gravity Forms
  3. Gravity Forms User Registration Add-on (sold by Gravity Forms)
  4. LearnDash-Gravity Forms Integration

After you create your form in Gravity Forms, click on the form you want to edit and from Form Settings , select User Registration.

Hi Tricia,

Everything is explained in the documentation What exactly do you need?

Thanks. I didn’t know that link exist. Working through it now.

When trying to activate dropbox addon this message comes up on another page:

Warning: Declaration of GFCampfire::can_duplicate_feed() should be compatible with GFFeedAddOn::can_duplicate_feed($id) in /home2/bestpic1/public_html/wp-content/plugins/gravityformscampfire/class-gf-campfire.php on line 5

Not sure what the glitch is. I had already installed and activated Campfire. This was the pushed response when trying to active dropbox-addon.

Thank you for your continued support.

Can you please open a support ticket here so we can help you out?

Thank you!