Learndash course registration along with gravity forms signup

I have made a gravity forms course registration page for my LearnDash platform. I want to be able to register a new customer directly to a course when they sign up (chosen by the customer). But I do not see how I can add the option to choose a course in the gravity form. Thanks!

I found an article that speaks to this and explains the steps you need to take to set this up properly.

Thanks Dere! It doesn’t answer my question fully however, as this will register all signing up users to one fixed course. What I want to do is provide the list of courses in the form itself, and the user should be registered to the course that they choose from the list, with the list being taken directly from the active list of courses on LearnDash and updated as the list of courses gets updated. Perhaps I could have been clearer about this in the description, but your link is useful anyways.

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You can assign more than one course at a time. But it looks like you will need to reach out to learn dash and find out if you can use conditional logic to assign courses based on user selections.

I don’t see this as an available option and so this feature may not be available yet without writing a custom function.