Learndash + GF + Paypal (selling courses)

Hi!, everyone, pls help!

1- My stack is Learndash + GravityForm + LearnDash LMS - GravityForms Integration + User Registration + PayPal Checkout.

2- I have a list of courses created and available on Learndash. I have a registration form (GF) to sell the courses on my website. Tests to process credit card and paypal payments work OK.

I need help with the following:

When a prospect enters the registration form to buy a course or several courses I should show him:

1- a form to specifically buy the selected course. That means creating the link “buy course” on the origin page and that connected to where?

2- a generic form that contains a list with all the courses and that the client makes the selection of which course-price he wants to buy?. In that case: where and how do I enter the information for the list of courses?

Please help me with this. I don’t want to be sent a link to a tutorial that I can’t understand and that doesn’t solve this concern (I’ve already read them all).

Thank you!

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