Usability issues with Zapier 4.0 - How we are working around them

The new Zapier add-on and process has made editing existing zaps immensely more difficult. Below are the current issues and how we are working around them.

NOTE: The process works. The following issues are related to editing existing zaps in 4.0. If you do not proceed with caution, especially on more complex forms, you will find yourself having to reconfigure zaps multiple times. Both GF and Zapier are aware of these issues.


1. The feed name provided by Zapier and listed in the GF add-on settings is generic ( “Zapier Feed 1614894684913”) and not editable. This makes identifying the zap with which the feed is associated extremely difficult when there are multiple feeds listed.

Initially, we had to deactivate the zap we wanted to edit and watch to identify which feed would disappear (after a page refresh) from the list in the GF addon as the Zapier API deleted it. Now, we add the new feed number to the zap title. It’s clunky but helps.

2. When the zap is deactivated, the existing feed is deleted. Almost always, a new feed is created, with a new feed number, when the zap is reactivated.

When the zap is reactivated, we determine (after a page refresh) which new feed has been created in GF. We update the feed number in the zap title. (I said it was clunky…)

3. When the previous feed is deleted and a new one is created, you will lose any conditional logic settings. You must reconfigure the conditional logic after each deactivation and reactivation of the related zap.

We are now deactivating the feed before we edit the zap. In most cases, this will prevent the Zapier API from automatically deleting the feed. Then, when the new feed is created you will have your conditional logic settings that you can transfer to the new feed.

How we edited zaps before Zapier 4.0:

  1. Edit the zap;
  2. Turn back on (if turned off).

After 4.0:

  1. Turn off the feed in Gravity Forms, to prevent Zapier from deleting it. This retains the conditional logic settings;
  2. Edit the zap;
  3. Turn back on (if turned off);
  4. Refresh the GF feed list to view the new feed;
  5. Transfer the conditional logic settings from the old feed to the new feed. Save the new feed;
  6. Copy the feed number from the feed name;
  7. Paste the feed number into the zap title. This is to identify the zap with which the feed is associated, for the next edit;
  8. Delete the old feed for this zap.

This is great information. Thank you for sharing your solutions.

Has this issue been repaired, i am scared to touch any of my zaps as they are INTEGRAL to my business. currently i am letting the deprectated gravity forms run like normal, it has been fine till now. can anyone confirm?

Hi Myles - Nothing has changed about how this aspect of the plugin works. Nothing is actually “broken”… the new process works as it was designed to work. I am sure there are benefits on the back end but the process for editing zaps, setting up and editing conditional logic, etc., is a real pain if you have more than one or two conditions configured.

ALWAYS screen cap or write down the logic conditions before editing the feed. You can also turn off the feed as I recommend above, to preserve the conditions so that you can transfer them to the new feed. (The feed in GF will disappear when the feed turns off in Zapier and a new feed will always be created.)