Map zap url with gravityforms Zapier fields

having gravityforms zapier with action to update row in google sheet … i have
alot of active zaps in zapier for same form … each one write in specific sheet … is there away to identify which zap in zapier map that active feed ? for example from feed name or feed url ?can i found something in zapier mutual between zap url in zapier dashboard and feed settings in gravityforms ?

Hello. I understand you already have an answer from support:

Yes, when you connect your Zap to your form, there is a Feed Name field. That name is written and updated to the connected feed in Gravity Forms. If this isn’t working for you, let me know and we can suggest next steps.

no it doesn’t work for me … feed name is “zapier feed” concatenated with random numbers

Did you enter a name for the feed when configuring the zap settings over on Those numbers are the timestamp for when the feed was created, its used as the fallback for when a custom feed name isn’t configured on the zapier side.

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