Uploaded files not included in Save Notification

I’m utilizing the “Form is Saved” event to generate a notification that is sent to a supervisor to approve the form which finalizes the submission.

The explanation behind how this works is in the following link: https://gravitywiz.com/simple-submission-approval-gravity-forms/

My issue, is that the files that I upload in the form are not included in the notification email that is sent out to the approver. The files only appear in the “Form is Submitted” notification which results from the “approval”. Is there anyway to work around this?

Is this an intended short-coming of the Save and Continue feature?

From the documentation:

Note : Single File Upload fields will not preserve any file added prior to the Save and Continue action. This is because single file fields are not validated as non-malicious until form submission is submitted. Thus when Save and Continue is used, any single file uploads attempted will be cleared and not preserved by the link. This behavior does not exist with Multi-File Upload fields, as they validate uploaded files at the time of upload, not form submission.

If you use a multi-file upload field, even if it is limited to one file upload, the files should be saved when the progress is saved for later.

Thanks for the response, but this doesn’t help the issue I was running into.

All of my file uploads were already set to Multi-file uploads. The issue was the reviewer wouldn’t see any of the uploaded files since they can’t be viewed in the default uploader and they are NOT included in the notification email under a “Form is Saved” event.

Ultimately, I got around this by using an addon that allows the files to actually be viewed when revisiting the saved form.

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Thank you for the update.