File Uploads don't persist Save/Continue [RESOLVED]

We are trying to use your “Save and Continue” feature with a form which includes some file uploads. The volunteer must upload a cert file for each training. Because the training takes time, we want them to be able to come back later to finish.

For the sake of illustration – there are 4 training. In the form, there are 4 descriptions and links to the training – each with a file upload field.

Current function with the “Save and Continue” does not make the file upload persistent to the next session. Is there a way to indicate that they uploaded a file already for a given field? Please let me know if we are missing the functionality that makes the “Save and Continue” work with file uploads.

Please note: I am the developer for this website but I have never used the Save and Continue later feature with gravity forms before this.

TIA for your help.

The file upload type field that uses the browsers default file input to upload a single file is not supported by the save and continue feature. That is because files for that field type are only uploaded when the form is actually submitted.

You’ll need to use a file upload field with the multi-file feature enabled. The multi-file enabled field uses Ajax to upload the files as they are added to the field, before submission, so that field configuration is supported by the save and continue feature.

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We went ahead and tried this and it worked beautifully. I was aware of the multi-file upload field option; however, I was hesitating to use it because it creates a UI/UX confusion for some people when the filed still show up when they come back later to finish the form.

@richardw8k While the suggestion you made earlier resolved the original issue we are using The Front End Editing code from Gravity Wiz and a the files have to be resubmitted when we edit the submission since the files are all required. Do you have any suggestion how we can get around that or is this a question for Gravity Wiz? If this is a question for Gravity Wiz do you know of another way to add the editing feature to a form submission maybe using a different GF addon?


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Hi Davood,

That snippet uses our GP Easy Passthrough perk, which doesn’t support file upload fields. I suggest you try our GP Entry Blocks Perk for front-end editing of entries.



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Gravity Flow is focused on this idea of edit and other activity happening after the initial form submission. Whether single file or multi file upload field types, the User Input step type is probably closest to what you are looking for. You can assign steps to WP users, roles, different field types including email fields to suite a wide range of use cases.