Save and Continue not saving uploaded documents [RESOLVED]

I have created a form that requires applicants to upload various documents in .pdf, .xls, .doc, png, .jpg. I also have Save and Continue enabled. When an applicant uploads a pdf or doc and clicks save and continue and then comes back to the form from their link, the docs, pdfs etc are not saved. Only the .jpgs are saved.

If they go through the entire form and submit, then all the documents uploaded are saved and forwarded via email.


That is correct, for single file upload fields. Please see the note here:

Note : Single File Upload fields will not preserve any file added prior to the Save and Continue action. This is because single file fields are not validated as non-malicious until form submission is submitted. Thus when Save and Continue is used, any single file uploads attempted will be cleared and not preserved by the link. This behavior does not exist with Multi-File Upload fields, as they validate uploaded files at the time of upload, not form submission.

Thank you. I fixed the fields to multi-file now.

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