Add an uploaded document as an attachment in the confirmation email

I am trying to get an uploaded document from a form submission to attach to an email confirmation - I have tried adding in the PHP but it’s still not working.

Hi Hannah,

If you have a Upload File Field, the Attachments option is added at the bottom of your Notifications to allow you to “Attach uploaded fields to notification”

Thank you Jim, I have tried this however the notification just doesn’t send. Once I untick the box it sends.

Hi Hannah. In that case, the mail server may have a problem with the email attachment. You’re doing all you can by checking the box. That tells Gravity Forms to attach the file to the email.

How large is the PDF? Maybe you are hitting a size limit for attachments with your mail server.

If you can’t figure it out, please enable Gravity Forms logging:

Then test the form with the checkbox checked to attach the file. Then, send open a support ticket here:

Be sure to include your system status report:

Thank you.

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