Attach single or multi-file file uploads - gform_notification

I need to automatically attach one or more documents to the notification email sent to email address of the form submitter. I’ve tried two 'add on’s from GF developers which never worked. I have tried pasting the code from at the end of my functions.php file located under my WP theme, but that didn’t seem to do or change anything.

I’m not a developer or coder, just an amateur webmaster for a non-profit. Can someone please give me some simple guidance?

Thank you,

Are you trying to attach the files that were uploaded in the form to your notification, or do you have some file on the server that needs to be attached to your notification?

Files on my server that need to be attached to the notification going back to the person who submitted the form.

I have files on my server, mostly PDFs, that I want to be attached to the notification email that GF sends back to the person that submitted the form. I would think that many GF users would find this very useful and that there should be an easy way to do it. Thank you.

Thanks for the clarification. David, from Gravity Wiz, covered the general process, using the gform_notification filter in this Stack Overflow reply:

Let us know if you need assistance with that.

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