Upload fields opens 4 times the browser popup

Hi there,
i’m having a weird issue. On my website, when I add a file input from GravityForms, and when user presses the “browse” button, it opens the browse popup 4 times in a row.
I tried to figue out where the error disapear by deleting scripts from my footer.
Turns out, there are no error when I delete the plugins/gravityforms/js/gravityforms.min.js file.
When I change the theme, the problem disapears.
I’ve tried to keep only the wp_head and wp_foot with an empty function.php but the problem persists… Do anyone knows where I can check to solve this ?
Thanks a lot GravityCommunity !

There is something in your theme interfering with the operation of Gravity Forms. If your upload field is a multi-file upload field, it’s something with the way your theme is loading the scripts. I recommend reaching out to the support for your theme to have them provide a solution. Thank you.

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