File upload problems for some frontend users

I have a multi-page form and on one page of the form I have 5 file upload boxes. We have had lots of submissions and generally speaking, the upload feature works without any issues.

I have also tested the form on Google chrome, microsoft edge and iphone 10 with no issues at all.

However, a handful of visitors (Around 5 separate visitors so far) have reported that after they add files to the 5 upload boxes and then click on next, the form just loads continuously (To me it sounds like its getting stuck uploading the files). I spoke to one such user on the phone today and they said they had waited for over 30 minutes and the form did not progress.

I don’t know if this is due to slow internet and simply that files are struggling to upload, or if there is some sort of intermitent issue at play here.

I do have a few active plugins for gravity forms, as follows -
Gravity PDF, Styles and layouts for gravity forms and grid layout for gravity forms.

Anyway, I wondered if anyone else has seen any similar issues and also if there is anything I can do to help avoid this problem? I am thinking about changing the structure so that users have to upload one file and click on next, then upload the next file and click on next, etc. If I understand correctly how things work, the files would then get uploaded one at a time? Or do they all get uploaded at the end, when the user clicks on submit?

Hi David. I recommend opening a support ticket for this issue:

To answer your question about when files are uploaded: with a multifile upload field, all files are uploaded before you can move on from that field or page of the form.

With single file upload fields, all the files are uploaded at the end, no matter where they are in the form or on what page they are. Thank you.

Thanks for the reply Chris. I will open a ticket in that case.

Also, its interesting what you mentioned about uploads - I have 5 single file upload boxes on the page and today I was speaking to a visitor who was facing the problem and he said that it got stuck after he clicked next on the file upload page - I also installed the partial entries plugin and he then tried once again to complete the form.

From the entries recorded, it does indeed seem that he was not able to get further than the page where the file attachments are requsted.

Based on what you have said, this means its probably not the files uploading that is causing an issue (Seeing as that only occurs on submission of the form), that helps the troubleshooting a little bit. I wish now I had asked that visitor to take a photo of the page so I could see what was happening. I think perhaps I will wait if/until I get the next person facing the issue and I will ask them for a screenshot of the page then I will open a ticket.

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