Multiple file upload not working [RESOLVED]

On my website the single file upload field functions properly, but the multiple file upload does not do its job. I can select multiple files to upload, but these are not uploaded on send.
When I set the multiple file upload field as required, the form reports an error: no input for this required field.
What can be the issue?

Hi Paroles. It sounds like a JavaScript conflict on the site. You can start checking into this yourself using the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin. We have an article on its usage here:

Or, you can open a support ticket if you need more assistance:

Thank you.

Hi Chris,

Using the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin I identified the probable cause of the problem: the problem disappears when I deactivate the SEO Redirection plugin created by Clogica.

Thanks for the pertinent advice!

Thanks for the update @Paroles

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