Multi-file upload does absolutely nothing [RESOLVED]

I’m working on a form (on a WordPress site with Divi theme), and while the single file upload input works just fine, the multi-file upload doesn’t work at all. Clicking the “Select files” button does absolutely nothing.

There are no errors in the browser console…not sure what could be causing it. Any help is appreciated.

Hi Nick. The issue is that there are multiple copies of jQuery being added to the site. WordPress will load the proper one, but then your theme or a plugin is loading another copy. That is why the multi-file upload field is not working.

This is the extra copy that is being loaded in error and is breaking your upload field:

That looks like it’s being loaded by "slick-carousel’ which could be part of the theme, or a separate plugin. If you can’t determine which is causing the problem, you can use these steps to find out what is loading the extra jQuery library.

Awesome! Thanks Chris, I’ll give that a try!

That was the problem. Once I removed the duplicate jQuery, it worked perfectly! Thanks again!

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You’re welcome.

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