Multifile upload is not working at all [RESOLVED]

Hi, I have a form with an option to multi-upload files. Drag and drop works fine, but the upload button does absolutely nothing. I tried to change theme to 2022, deactivated all plugins. Even tried a form on a clean Wordpress install running 2022 and no plugins whatsoever. Still multi-upload doesn’t work. Could this be a JQuery conflict after a recent Wordpress update?

Gravity Forms is fully compatible with latest WordPress 5.9, I can’t replicate the issue you’re describing in a default WordPress installation. Please open a support ticket and send us the JSON export file of your form.

Funny thing is I had to upload the jsonfile with in technical support form. Which didn’t work either. Which made me think…I’m using Chrome. When I tried Firefox it worked just fine…as does the upload within my own websites. Turned out I simply needed to update Chrome. Case closed!