Multi-Upload Field Not Working


I’m having an issue with the multi-file upload not working. Neither the ‘select files’ button or the drag and drop area is working. Test site is at Medico Legal | Litfield House Medical Centre

Edit: There is no console error log or any other error being generated.

Can anyone shed any light?

Hi Simon,

Does it work on the Form preview page? I’ll suggest you run a Theme/Plugin conflict test to check if this is a conflict-related issue and hopefully narrow it down to the offending plugin.


Hi Samuel,

No, it doesn’t work on the form preview.

I have attempted using the conflict detection plugin and it gave me no issues.

Hi Simon. The page and scripts are being cached. Can you try clearing any cache on the server or via a plugin, then test the form again?

If you need support, please open a support ticket here Log In ‹ Gravity Forms — WordPress and include a copy of your form export so we can try it out on another server

Thank you.

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