Upgraded to 2.7.4 and the one field with conditional logic crashes the form

I’m a fairly new user, but this is basic configuration in WP. If a drop box field has value x then show the single line text field. Without the condition enabled the form shows. With the condition enabled, the preview just shows a blank line and the website just shows an X.

I recreated the form from scratch to prove it was a consistent issue and not due to unseen corruption.

The field (type) used for comparison does not matter. Whether using Hide or Show does not matter.

If the form remains hidden when you try to use conditional logic, there is likely another script or JavaScript error conflicting with the Gravity Forms conditional logic script. I recommend checking for theme and plugin conflicts on the site using these steps: https://docs.gravityforms.com/testing-for-a-themeplugin-conflict/

Let us know what you find out. Thank you.

Yep. The problem was Gravity Forms: Multiple Form Instances (1.1.1) as soon as it was disabled, my issue disappeared.

Since it hasn’t been updated in 7 years I guess it’s reasonable it hit a snag. Is there another open source add-in that allows multiple form instances?

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