Updating tag in existing Gravity-Mailchimp form [RESOLVED]

Hello, I have a question I think I know the answer to, but I want to double, triple check:

I have a form on the website where people enter their email address and they receive a recipe through their email. The form is set up to assign a specific tag in Mailchimp to those leads.
We used it last year and have a number of leads from it, but to save time instead of creating another form, I was thinking I could just change the name of the tag for Mailchimp. Say last year it was “Recipe leads” and this year I would change it to “Recipe leads 2023”.

Would this affect the existing records in Mailchimp (or entries in Gravity)? Does this approach make sense, or what would be a quick solution to reuse this? (I am swamped with deadlines and don’t want to spend much time on this). Thanks

Hi Joel. If you change the tag in your Mailchimp feed, and the user is already in your Mailchimp list, the form submission and processed feed will update that Mailchimp subscriber with the new tag. The old tags will still be present, and a new tag will be added if the email address matches and they have not unsubscribed from your mailings.

Test it out and let us know how it goes.

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