Mailchimp field is updated with new values instead of being added and keeping orginal values

Hi all,

In our retirement home we invite family members to participate in certain acitivities.
On our website, we advertise these activities and people can register to participate.

All these activities are categorised, like health and care, music, dinner, … .
If there are no activities planned for a particular category, there is a message shown that invites people to subscribe in order to get a notification via e-mail when there are new activities planned.

This message is shown together with a gravity form that is hooked to mailchimp.
Everything is working perfect. A new subscriber is added to my audience. I have a merge field (tekst) in Mailchimp that records the activity category depending on the page the form has been submitted.

However, i later on, someone fills out another form for another category, the mailchimp field is updated with this new category instead of been added. This way, i loose a historica loverview of all the categories someone is interested in.

What would be the best way to solve this?
Thanks in advance,


Hi Johan. I think this is the filter you are looking for:

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