Mailchimp addon - not letting me save a feed

Hi there,

I’ve got the latest GF and Mailchimp addons installed, everything is working great. However I’ve gone to create a feed after connecting my API key up (which worked fine).

I go to save the feed after choosing the audience and mapping the email field. However after I save, I’m getting a form error saying that the email field is required.

I’ve definitely selected the email field and mapped it correctly.

It’s not letting me save the feed, any ideas?

Hi Jonas. That is an issue that the product team was made aware of this week. Until a fix is available, try this work around:

  1. Add another email field to the form
  2. Save the form
  3. Create a feed that is mapped to the second email field
  4. Save the feed
  5. Switch the email field in your feed to the original email field
  6. Save the feed
  7. Delete the second email field from the form

That should take care of the issue for you. If you have any more trouble, please let us know here, or open a support ticket. Thank you.