Mailchimp Feed Settings Not Pulling Email Form Field [RESOLVED]

I’ve created two forms on a client’s website with GF and the Mailchimp Add-on. The forms are very similar but one is for buyers, one for sellers.

For the Buyer form, under the forms Settings>Mailchimp Feed Settings in the Map Fields section, the pull-down menu (Form Field) is empty. Other fields like First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number are populated.

On the Seller Form, the email pull-down includes the email field and works as it should.

Since one form works, I know it’s not an issue of not being connected to Mailchimp. I’ve spoken to Mailchimp and they can’t figure it out. They’ve elevated it to their engineers but haven’t found a solution in 48 hours.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea how to resolve it?

Btw, I tried to put in a support ticket but it’s my client’s license so the system won’t allow me to submit a ticket. I’ve contacted them to try to resolve that as my client doesn’t like to give out login info. Thanks!

This happens when the form doesn’t actually include an Email type field. If you edit your form, you’ll find the “email” field is actually a Single Line Text field. Once you replace that field with an actual Email type field and save the form, you’ll find the field is available for mapping when you next configure the Mailchimp feed.

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Thank you so much, Richard! I’d caught that on the seller form and thought I’d changed both. I thought wrong. :slight_smile: Everything is fixed now.