Update MailChimp Add-On for API 3.0 and Tags [RESOLVED]

MailChimp is pushing pretty heavily for using the tags found in their new 3.0 interface. Tags make it easier to manage a single master list versus having to manage duplicates of users across several lists.

Even the ability to add a static tag into a feed from Gravity Forms would be immensely helpful since you could just add the tag came-from-contact-us and possibly requested-mailing-list. The way it works now, you have to either send every form to a new list or have something like a ‘source’ parameter which would be overwritten if the same user filled out two forms.

Hi Jeffrey. We do plan on updating our MailChimp add-on to v3 of their API and will certainly have that done before the drop support for their API v2. I’ll add your comments to the open feature request. Thank you.

Hi Jeffrey. I gave you some bad information there. Our add-on already uses MailChimp API V3. From the plugin source:

$request_url = 'https://' . $this->data_center . '.api.mailchimp.com/3.0/' . $path;

It’s just that tags are not yet supported. Sorry for the out of date information. I was looking at an old feature request.

Tags were not supported when we first released our add-on. Adding support for tags is still on our list of requested features for the MailChimp add-on. Thank you.

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Great, thanks for getting back to me. Do you have an ETA?

There is no ETA but I will add your comments to the existing open request to see if we can bump it up in the development queue. Thank you.

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Hey Jeffrey, we just added tag support. The new MailChimp version v4.3.1 available here has built in tag support. Thanks @travislopes for the quick turn around!

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Thanks again for adding tag support.

Currently if you have two forms with different tags, and a user fills out both forms (with the same email address), the second form doesn’t update MailChimp. I’m guessing this is because previously it would have to overwrite a user’s data in MailChimp but with tags it makes more sense to add the extra tags instead.

Ideally if a user fills out Form1 they’d end up with my-site and form-1 tags, then if they fill out Form2 they’d end up with my-site, form-1, and form-2 tags.

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Has how the MailChimp plugin handles tags been updated so a second submission adds additional tags?

The tags are being sent but the MailChimp API is ignoring them. This is a llimitation of the API. There’s nothing we can do on our end at this point. We’ve reported the issue to MailChimp.

Thanks for the update!

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@chrishajer, Any response from MailChimp?

No, we have not heard anything yet.

@chrishajer, I did some testing with MailChimp Support and received the following input. First,

…it does look like the tag you are testing with (…) is not currently associated with your list (…). Because this tag doesn’t exist prior to this call, it could not be successfully added to your testing contact (…).

The tag needs to be created first on Mailchimp’s end, then it can be added it can be successfully past in calls to your existing contacts. This can be easiest done directly in Mailchimp (creating a “…” as a tag for your “…” list). This can also be created with a POST call to the tag endpoints. Below I’ve included some references to our developer’s document that might provide some assistance.

Member Tags: https://developer.mailchimp.com/documentation/mailchimp/reference/lists/members/tags/#%20

Could you please updated the MailChimp Add-on such that it can create a tag if it isn’t previously associated with the MailChimp list?

Once I manually added the tag directly in MailChimp, I received the following reply:

After digging deeper on my end, I was able to confirm that it looks like the call being used to add a contact to a tag appears to be using the wrong end points. To add a tag to a contact, the call would have to use this endpoint: “/lists/{list_id}/members/{subscriber_hash}/tags”.

Even though the tag was created on your Mailchimp list, because the endpoints in the API call are not set up correctly, a tag can’t be added to a list member successfully. Below I’ve provided some more information on how that call might look can be found here in our developer’s documents: https://developer.mailchimp.com/documentation/mailchimp/reference/lists/members/tags/

I am very much looking forward to using MailChimp tags via GravityForms and I hope this information helps work out the current kinks in the MailChimp Add-on.

@chrishajer, Just following-up on my post from last week. I am very much looking forward to using MailChimp tags via Gravity Forms.

@chrishajer, Following-up.

There was an update for the MailChimp add-on released today that should resolve the issue with adding tags to existing subscribers.

Thank you @chrishajer, It does indeed look like v4.5 of the MailChimp add-on allows us to now add tags (including new tags) to existing subscribers. Thanks!

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