ActiveCampaign add-on does not pass tags parameter

The tags parameter does not enter in the contact in activeCampaign.
Wordpress 5.4.2
Gravity forms
Gravity Forms Multilingual 1.5.4
Gravity Forms ActiveCampaign Add-On 2.0

What could be the problem?

Gravity Forms and WordPress are very out of date. Those will need to be updated before we can help you with any issue regarding the tags being passed to Active Campaign. You will need to manually download the Gravity Forms update from your downloads page if no automatic update is showing:

We have updated gravity forms but we are unabled to update wordpress for now. So we have investigate, and we found and logged these $args passed to wp_remote_post on make_request function:

[args] => Array
            [body] => Array
                    [email] =>
                    [first_name] => Mario Rossi
                    [phone] => 23452345
                    [tags] => Array
                            [0] => TWOW

                    [p[1]] => 1
                    [status[1]] => 1
                    [field[20,0]] => An electrical installer / Electrician
                    [field[29,0]] => 
                    [field[25,0]] => test
                    [field[27,0]] => 
                    [field[1,0]] => test
                    [field[12,0]] => fghfgfh
                    [field[2,0]] => 
                    [instantresponders[1]] => 1
                    [lastmessage[1]] => 1
                    [form] => 

            [timeout] => 20

This is the $request_url:

We tried to change tags array value to “TWOW” string, but the contact never have the passed tag.
We have tried “TWOW” list for semplicity. The right tag whitch we need is “Fonte:
Why the tags property is ignored?

Hi Silvano. I just tested this with three tags on a submission to ActiveCampaign, and all three were added:

2023-02-13 15:02:41.416249 - DEBUG --> GFActiveCampaign::process_feed(): Contact to be added => Array
    [email] =>
    [first_name] => Gravity
    [last_name] => Flight
    [phone] => (866) 555-1212
    [tags] => Array
            [0] => testing
            [1] => forums
            [2] => silvano

    [p[3]] => 3
    [status[3]] => 1
    [field[11,0]] => Second Choice, Third Choice
    [field[30,0]] => First Choice
    [field[27,0]] => 76
    [field[12,0]] => 68471
    [instantresponders[3]] => 1
    [lastmessage[3]] => 1
    [form] => 

I’m not sure why yours is not working. My software (including PHP) is all up to date. I would typically recommend opening a support ticket, but if you open a ticket with out-of-date software, the first request will be to bring everything up to date. We don’t support WordPress older than one major version prior.

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