Importing a CheckBox field into Active Campaign [RESOLVED]

Hi, guys

I can’t get the Active Campaign feed in Gravity form to import into Active Campaign the data from a Check Box field.

In the pictures below you can see how I configured things.

It imports all other fields except the checkbox.

What do you think I am doing Wrong?

Here is how I defined the data in active campaign:

Here is how is defined the field in GF

Here is how I defined the relation in the AC Feed
gravity forms_ac_feed

I think you’re having the same problem I just reported through a support ticket.

The problem is how GF passes checkbox (and probably select) multiple values to AC.

AC needs checkbox multiple values to be wrapped and, more importantly, separated by || instead of commas. For example, ||Facebook||Twitter||Google||, but GF is sending Facebook,Twitter,Google. Thus, AC is reading that as a single value instead of multiples.

“Contains” options in searches and automation will see “Facebook” from that, but your contact won’t look correct in your list and they won’t be able to uncheck options.

So we need either Gravity Forms to fix this bug in the AC add-on, or we might need to implement custom code (ugh!) to fix the bad data Gravity Forms is trying to send to AC.

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I heard back from GF support and they sent me this snippet:

I implemented it and it fixed my own problem! I think it might fix yours, too.