Update to form (and page content) not showing for non-logged in users [RESOLVED]

I’ve tried clearing browser caches, and don’t use a caching plugin or a CDN, so I’m a bit puzzled as to why changes to the form are not showing up for non-logged in users (i.e. everybody except me!).

Any ideas? There don’t seem to be any theme or plugin conflicts either, and there’s no caching on the server.

I’ve tried adding some dummy text below the form using the WP editor, and that only shows for logged in users too. This implies that there’s a cache somewhere, but I don’t know where it can be.

Site Health says things are fine.

Set up is a droplet/app on DigitalOcean, using ServerPilot for server admin. I hope I’m missing something really simple and stupid, so if you’ve any idea at all, that’d be great.

I’ve also tried putting the same form on a test page, and that way the updated form shows for non-logged in users, so that suggests a caching image too, no? Really running into a brick wall here.

Many thanks!


Turned out to be a deactivated plugin that somehow wasn’t really deactivated?!? Hmm. This is a lesson that I should totally remove deactivated plugins.

When I reactivated WP Fastest Cache and then deleted its cache, it solved the problem. Go figure.

Hope this might help someone else running into the same mystery. If it looks like a caching issue, it probably is. :wink: