Displaying entries - delay for non-logged-in users [RESOLVED]

I have a volunteer form that looks to entries from a different form for information about tasks that are filled. I am finding that for users that are not logged in, it takes many hours for a new entry to display on the page that uses the info. If the user logs in, the entry shows up immediately. The strong preference is to avoid requiring a login. This behavior is causing problems in that the users cannot see what tasks are filled.

Fyi i have tried this 3 ways:

— using GravityView
— Using a post-submission function to write an entry table
— using Gravity Perks’ “Populate Anything” plugin to render the data as a field within the form.

The result is always the same. FYI the site does not cache pages. IS THERE SOME WAY TO MAKE THE ENTRY UPDATES FASTER FOR THOSE NOT LOGGED IN?

Hi Laurie,

This looks like a caching-related issue, so it’s strange you mentioned the site doesn’t cache pages. Can you confirm if there is some sort of server-side caching? If it’s confirmed there is no caching happening, then we will have to take a closer look at your setup and test it to know what’s happening. You can get contact us via our support form if you have an active Gravity Perks license, so we can look into this.


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Thank you. I just tried the same thing adding a line of text in a page (in other words, not associated with GravityForms at all) and the same delay is occurring … 30 minutes and counting, and no text appearing in pages not logged in. So I will definitely pursue this with the folks who purchased our server host!! We’re a church on a limited budget, so it may be that we had to get a limited plan.

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SOLVED! The website is hosted on Siteground, and I had never activated their SG Optimizer plugin. The plugin contains a link to the “Exclude URLs From Caching” feature. I used it to make the webpage non-cached. Worked like a charm! Thank you Samuel, and Happy New Year, everyone!