Two total fields but only send processed total

I have a form that I have 2 calculated totals and based on some conditional logic I send only one to be processed at Stripe.

One total is with out the processing fees and the other is with the stripe processing fees.

I send out various notifications but have to duplicate each one and change which total is sent and wanted to know if there is a way to just send the notification with the total that was processed.

I tried adding this to my notification form {payment_action:amount} but it just displace that text and not the total amount that was paid.

Is it possible and do I just have the payment amount value wrong in my form.

If you have multiple notifications, why not use conditional logic on the notification, to send one when one conditional total is used, and the other when another conditional total is used?

Yes I was trying to get away from having to create 3 or for notifications for each condition.

Thank you, I was just hoping that I could use the value that is returned from Strip. I can see it in the entry view just didn’t now how or if possible to grab that value.

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