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I have a very detailed form that produces a range of pricing ultimately showing the end user only what is necessary using conditional logic and other fields hidden from visibility used to process calculations.

The forms work great, BUT

When I send a notification including summary for the booking/Quote Request to a client there appears to be no way to have ONLY the form content relative to their selections in the email notification SO the email is filled with blank fields, pricing calculations fields etc that do not relate to their individual requests.

How do I limit the notification to only send content that is visible to them in the online form via the email notification?



I worked out that this can be executed by doing conditional logic notifications BUT there has to be a better way!? Surely?

31 UNIQUE Notifications, 3 Hours of duplicating, customising individual notification titles and merge tags for what could be achieved by one notification that only output fields that are visible in the actual form relative to form conditional logic…

Would have been 93 Notifications for this application however I decided I can live with 2 x potentially empty fields in the 31 for two optional entries.

I also have to decide if i can bother to create 31 Admin notifications or scan through all the useless info for every submission to find the right price if I use {all fields} Sigh :frowning:



By default the {all fields} merge tags exclude empty fields and fields hidden by conditional logic, if you’re getting something different, I would recommend you to perform a conflict test.

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