Notification is doubling order amount

I am using the Standard PayPal add-on. My donation form has the option to cover fees. It has:

  1. a field to enter the Donation Amount
  2. a field to select whether to cover fees
  3. if #2 is selected, a conditional field with the Donation Amount + Fees.

So in the form, there are two fields that list an amount (one is the Donation Amount, and the other is the Donation Amount + Fees).

This set up works great with PayPal. I have set the PayPal feeds to pull either the Donation Amount OR the Donation Amount + Fees, and it works great.

The problem is the notification emails. When an email notification goes out with {all fields), it adds the two amounts together instead of choosing one or the other.

So if the Donation Amount is $100, and the Fees are $4, the form is adding the Donation Amount (100) to Donation Amount + Fees (104) and telling the user the amount charged is $204!

How do I make the notification take one donation field or the other, and not add them together?