Gravity Form donation notification


I am trying to set up a notification email for when we receive donations as part of other sales. Donation is an empty optional product value.
I am having trouble with setting up the notifications with conditional logic as Products aren’t listed in the available tags.

Do I create another hidden field that says “donation-entry” or something and if it the “donation” is entered can I auto populate that field, which will then trigger the conditional logic of the notification email to send a donation receipt?

If so, how do I set up that? If not, any ideas?

Thanks heaps!

Hi Alex. Yes, you can set up a number field, and enable the calculation there, and the calculation will be the merge tag for your product field, times 1, or maybe just the product field merge tag. Then, you can base your conditional logic on that field, because the product fields are not available for use in conditional logic, as you discovered. Please let us know how that works out. Thank you.