Donation Form - Other Amount Confusing on Order/Entry form

I’ve set up a donation form with a product field for Donation Amount in the same way that use on the Donation Form in the GF Templates Library.

In other words, the first field named Donation Amount has radio buttons for specific amounts. The last option is Other Amount, price set to $0. Then another user-defined field for Other Amount is below that with conditional logic to display only when the Other Amount option is selected above.

It works great, but a problem appears on the admin notification and in the Entries detail form when “Other Amount” is selected. The ordered products list shows “Other Amount: $0” on the first line, then “Other Amount: $xx” on the second line with the amount entered, like so:

I see two issues: First, the duplication is confusing. Is there a way to keep products with a $0 price from being recorded or displayed on the order form? Some other way to keep that first line item off the form?

Second, when checkboxes are used, the checkbox label is used for the product name on the order form. On your donation form, this results in a product named “$10” with a price of $10.00.

Is there a way to insert the field (product) name instead of, or in addition to the option? For example, the product name could be “Donation Amount:$10” or simply “Donation Amount” with a price of $10.

Thanks in advance for all help!

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