Donation Form (other) field used in Calculation Assist Needed [RESOLVED]

Have radio buttons on page 1 of this form that also include an ‘other’ user entered text field.

Page 2, should show the total donation. I’ve got it working if the donor chose one of the radio buttons, but am not sure how to carry over the value if it’s user entered.

Can someone please look at this and point me in the right direction? I’m not sure how to pre-populate or carry over that value and make it a currency value.

Maybe not ideal, but I’ve always taken a bit different approach when I’ve needed similar functionality. Here’s what I do…

  1. Donation Amount (Radio Field): Predefined amounts (w/ value set as integer) + last option as Custom Amount (w/ value set at 0).
  2. Custom Amount (Number Field): Conditionally shows if users has selected Custom Amount.
  3. Total Donation (Product Field): Use calculation type to add the Donation Amount and Custom Amount.

Not sure how to tackle your specific inquiry, but this has been my way around it.

You can currently see this in action at


I think this is what I would like to have to do, but the org wanted it as designed without another condition. But this makes the most sense to me.

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Hi Andy, is this a new query of yours or did we already solve it in the form I helped with?

Good catch. you helped me resolve this after I posted this question. I hadn’t had enough Coffee yet! Thanks Phil.

If you landed on a better solution for this, do you mind sharing?

No problem Andy - just checking! :slightly_smiling_face:

Your exact solution, Joshua! Great minds think alike… :grin:

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Yes. Your solution was brilliant. The form Phil helped me out with isn’t live yet, but should be soon. I’ll send you a link when can.

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Excellent tips Joshua! Any chance you can share how you designed your form with the big buttons? CSS?

Yep. CSS. Others have asked in the past, so I went ahead and put this post together. Hope you can find it useful.

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You are amazing! Here is a quick start from your tutorial Thanks so much!