Buttons instead of value field - help required

I have a charity client who wants to add three buttons above their form to choose preselected donations instead of typing the value in a field. eg: $20 - $50 - $100

The buttons need to above the form on the same page.

I have no idea if this is possible and can’t find anything online as a starting point. I’m assuming I have to code some javascript in the button which is then passed to Gravity Forms.

Can anyone offer suggestions on how this would be achieved. Pointers to examples online would be very helpful.

kind regards, Chris

I’d suggest adding the options as a radio field product and styling the radio fields with CSS. I’ve done a similar thing on some forms – my donation page for open source contribution might be the only one still live, though.

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Joshua - this is fantastic - I didn’t even think of styling as a solution.

Thanks for the response, really appreciate it.

kind regards, Chris