Stripe Addon - Calculated product field not using "Other" option data

Question: How can I get a calculated product to recognize the value of the “Other” option in a Radio field?

Context: I’m using a Radio field to list donation amount options. I chose the Radio field over the Product field (radio type) because the Product field doesn’t have an “Other” option for custom donation amounts. I have a calculated Product field that uses the Radio field’s data to retrieve the donation amount and add it to the Stripe Total field.

Problem: The calculated Product field isn’t pulling in the value from the Other option (custom donation amount) on the Radio field.


“Donation Amount” [Radio Field - Includes “Other” option]
“Tax-Deductible Contribution” [calculated Product Field = “Donation Amount” radio field including Other] (not working)

I did not see the Other option on your form:

In order for us to help, it would be best to open a support ticket and include a form export (how to export your form). We can help you with the calculation and radio button values at that point. Thank you.