Help with Square Add-on and Custom Donations [RESOLVED]

Customer is a non-profit using Square for processing merchandise sales and donations.

It is easy enough to setup a Square “product” with predefined donation amounts. But I’ve hit a a wall with their request to have an “other” amount where a user can define their own custom donation amount.

Enabling an “other” choice is possible in a GF radio field, but not a Square product. Any ideas on a workaround?

One train of thought is the radio field options need to dynamically populate another subtotal/text field, but then the trick is getting Square to recognize that value as a product/price ?

P.S. the error being thrown at the Square creditcard field is new after upgrading to GF 2.8 today

The usual way of handling this is to manually add an “other” choice to the radio type product field choices, with the price set to 0. You would then add a second product field, with the type set to the user defined price choice. Conditional logic would be enabled on the second field, with the rule based on the “other” choice being selected in the first product field.

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Well, thank you. I entirely missed the “User Defined Price” option previously.