Problem submitting "Total" field with Paypal Checkout addon

Hi there!!!

I have a problem with the Paypal Checkout addon.

I made a form for a client of mine where a user can send a donation via Paypal.
In this form I collect the user’s information and the donation amount.
The donation amount is preset with some default choices (50€, 100€, 200€, …), including an “Other amount” choice.
If the “Other” choice is clicked, another field is shown where the user can enter the amount they want to donate.
To manage the amount to be sent to Paypal, I entered a “Total” product field so that the user-defined amount is sent.
The donation is correctly sent to Paypal, but the transition description is not.

I think the problem with the payment description not being sent to Paypal is with using the “Total” field.

Do you know if there is a way to send this information as well so that the donation detail is evident?
Any hook (filter, action, …) or another way to make the form itself may be fine.

Thank you all!

Hello again.
I saw that you edited my post by adding “has-ticket,” so I guess you got my support ticket from a few weeks ago.

The problem is that I didn’t receive any email response (automatic or not, and nothing in the spam folder) and now I find myself stuck waiting without knowing anything.

Could you please give me an update?
Thank you!

Hi Fabrizio. We replied to you on January 23. Here is what was sent:

The PayPal Checkout add-on doesn’t support any filter to customize the details sent to PayPal. You can suggest to our product team any improvement or feature you wish in our roadmap page:

That way your request will reach the product team directly and they will be able to consider your request and queue it in the workflow of a future version if it’s accepted.

Thank you for forwarding the posted message here, Chris!
I still cannot find the email you sent.

I will close the topic and send you an idea as you proposed.


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