Using PayPal Pro for optional payments, submit button is hidden when total = 0 [RESOLVED]

Our website uses gravity forms and PayPal Checkout Add-On for users to register for events. The issue is that we will often offer free events with options for paid add ons, let users select between a combination of free and paid events, or have paid events that become free with coupon codes. All of the logic for the forms works as expected, but the issue is that when the total is 0, the PayPal add-on not only hides the credit card information fields (which we want) it hides the submit button and users have no way to register.

You are probably using an older version of the PayPal Checkout Add-On. The latest version, v2.2, will not have this issue. Please download and install v2.2 of the PayPal Checkout Add-On and let us know if the issue persists:

Thank you.

That fixed the problem, thank you!

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