Form with PayPal Checkout - Pay by Cash [RESOLVED]

We have several forms on our website that allow visitor to pay for what they select via a gravity form (different events, departments, etc). That works fine but we have a few forms where the department wishes to have a “Pay by Cash” or “Pay in Person” option so a visitor can still register for an event but when they check in they need to pay by cash or check.

We used to use a radio button selection to then enable by conditional logic to show the payment checkout field. Since we upgraded the PayPal Checkout plugin to “Gravity Forms PayPal Checkout Add-On” version 2.4 selecting pay in person causes an error.

“There was a problem with your submission. No order ID available, cannot create a new payment.”

The form does not submit. Occasionally we can get it to save if we toggle between pay-in-person and pay online, but that doesn’t always work.

It doesn’t matter if the Checkout field is just hidden on the page or is hidden in a section, it still causes the error. We’d really like to avoid having two different forms for each event/request like this.

Please help. How can we add a pay-in-person option without causing the error?

Did you add conditional logic to the PayPal feed so that it is not processed when the user selects the option to pay in person?

We’re using conditional logic to make it appear. It’s by default hidden.

I was not referring to the PayPal field, but rather the PayPal feed: PayPal Checkout Add-On Feed - Gravity Guide

I see. I found the settings section for the form and the feed. We added the logic and now the pay in person option is allowing the form to submit.