PayPal Checkout Add-On Not Respecting "Required" Form Fields [RESOLVED]

Good Day!

We are using Gravity Forms’ PayPal Checkout Add-On.

We have also set the Conditional Logic for PayPal Checkout not to activate unless the required fields are completed (see below).


Unfortunately, PayPal Checkout still activates – or hangs – when one or several of the required fields are not complete (see below)


Bottom line, why is this happening? What’s wrong with our Conditional Logic? Got a fix?

For a live demo, visit our page at Book Us | Omnia Aerospace , leave blank one of the top fields, then select “Premium Consultation” under “Select Appointment Type”, and follow the rest of the form. Make sure you select “PayPal” as the form of payment.

Note: If your payment goes through, don’t worry, we’ll send you a Thank You note (just kiddin’)


If works well for me, I think. In the moment I have filled the last requered field for the PayPal button to show (the phone in my case), it has showed :man_shrugging:

Hi Elias,

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Yes, it appears it’s fixed.

Since issuing this topic, it appears we solved the issue by clearing our cache (always a bugger) and re-saving our Permalinks.

After clearing cache, it may take a while to see the effects depending the cache levels each website uses.

Again, thank you!

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