Required fields in gravity form(s) vs Required fields in PayPal

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We have lots of required fields for built-in to our Gravity Forms. PayPal requires zip code, state and town fields. When our vendors fill out our forms, they can conceivably go to the PayPal interface without completing all of our required fields. Then, they bounce back to Gravity Form, fill out the required fields and have to go back to PayPal.

This wasn’t the case for years - our vendors filled out applications, corrected missed required fields, and then were sent to PayPal.

I understand that the PayPal Check Out Add-On replaces the submit button.

Is there a work-around for this? Can our vendors complete forms with all required fields and then go to the PayPal interface?

Many thanks, Lorie

Gravity Forms doesn’t currently include live validation. The way the PayPal Checkout add-on works is that the user can authorize a transaction at any point, but it won’t be captured until they submit the form and all the required fields pass validation.

You can suggest adding support for live validation on the roadmap page at

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