Conditional payment

Hi I’m trying to use the conditional send method on one form.
1-option send the form without payment
2- allow a user to pay using PayPal
I have created an options section where users can choose, pay online, or just send a form.

Want to pay online
Want to send cheq

But there is a bug onse user selects manual sending he is not able to douit because the form shows this error.

“There was a problem with your submission. No order ID is available, cannot create a new payment.”

This error is related to paypal addon

once I do delete the PayPal checkout form working correctly.

Please use conditional logic on the PayPal Checkout Feed so that it is processed only when ‘pay online’ is selected in the form. That will ensure no PayPal feed is processed when the form does not require payment.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

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