Error message on check out

we are using paypal plugin for check out on our online ordering form.
We offer customer a drop down menu where they can choose their preferred payment method, they can either choose from 1. paypal, 2. Credit Card. 3. Bank transfer.
when the customer chooses option 3. bank transfer (customers will receive email notification with bank account details) then an Error message appears on top of the form, it says: " There was a problem with your submission. No order ID available, cannot create a new payment."

any idea how we can solve this, other than removing the bank transfer from payment option?

That is an error from the PayPal Checkout add-on, so you likely don’t have conditional logic configured on the PayPal Checkout feed to either only run the feed when a user has selected a PayPal related option in the form or to not run the feed if they’re selecting the bank transfer option . Enabling Conditional Logic for a Feed - Gravity Forms Documentation.

This is documented in a few existing resolved threads:

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