Stripe Add-On Not Generating Order ID | Required for Form Submittal (Payments)

Good Day!

We are using Gravity Form’s Stripe Add-On for our Appointment Form.

Currently, we are in Test Mode and every time we try to make a simulated payment we get the following error message at the top or our form:

There was a problem with your submission. No order ID available, cannot create a new payment.

Details Below:


Would anybody know what’s causing this? How do we set up our payment form to generate a unique Order ID with each form (payment) submittal?

In case you’re wondering, everything else is working fine and Stripe is registering the test payments in the backend but they’re showing up as “incomplete” instead of “complete.”


Help appreciated.

Thank you!

That error is from PayPal Checkout. When using multiple payment add-ons you need to ensure the conditional logic settings are configured on the feeds in the Form Settings > Stripe and Form Settings > PayPal Checkout area so the correct add-on will process the submission.



You’re a genius! It worked. Thank you.

Yes, we’re using PayPal Checkout Express and Stripe Checkout Express.

Unfortunately, for us, solving the above created a new issue…

We now get the following message on our payment screen:

You’re being redirected to the hosted Checkout page on Stripe…

… but we never get redirected to Stripe’s checkout webpage.

We have no ad or pop-up blockers activated on our page. Also, our console errors don’t seen to be related to the issue.

Do you know what’s going on? Got fix?

Again, thank you.





Caching/script optimization plugins/services, like SG Optimizer, have been known to cause issues for forms, including preventing JS from payment add-ons running.

Try the Fresh Forms plugin, it can usually resolve issues like this.


Hi @richardw8k,

Well, ya did it again! A true genius.

Yes, the issue stemmed from using SG Optimizer and activating its “Combine Javascript Files” feature. The plugin you recommended fixed our issue. However, it created another one for us.

Here goes …

All other pages, except the one where the plugin fixed our issue, are not behaving properly. That is, caching, removed unused CSS, lazy loading, minifying JS and CSS, etc. on these pages has been altered. Pages are working fine, but undesirably affected (time to load, SEO, etc are affected).

So, we have reached out to the plugin developer to see if he can provide a code snippet that will allow us to apply his plugin to one (or several) targeted pages (URLs), not all of them.

As soon as we hear back from him, we’ll post his reply here.

For now, we’ve deactivated “Combine Javascript Files” in SG Optimizer and everything is working fine (including the page using the Stripe Add-On form).

Again, thank you!


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@richardw8k == :goat:

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