There was a problem with your submission. No order ID available, cannot create a new payment

Setting up a new form with the PayPal Gateway. I’ve configured numerous forms like this in the past, but for some reason, I keep getting the error message “There was a problem with your submission. No order ID available, cannot create a new payment.” displayed when I try to submit the form.

It doesn’t look like PayPal is engaging as expected because I’m not seeing the PayPal buttons to press instead of the standard “Submit” button.

I’ve got the Conditional Formatting set on the PayPal feed (although I dont’ have multiple FOP’s engaged, so not sure why that would be needed. Added it to try and rule that out as an issue.

I also don’t have the caching plugin mentioned in some other posts that has been known to cause issues.

Anyone have any suggestions? Trying to get this launched for client ASAP!

Digging into this issue for the last 24 hours now, it appears it’s a conflict issue and known issue within PayPal itself. PayPal doesn’t play nicely with itself. The site also has Woocommerce installed with a PayPal Payment Gateway for Woocommerce plugin also active.

So, in standard fashion with Woocommerce, it’s loading all it’s scripts and stuff on every single page of the site, even those that don’t have/need any of the WooCommerce functionality.

So, I’ve been looking for a plugin that allows me to block/unload scripts from loading on pages and found “Asset CleanUp” which appears to be doing what I want, but still no success with this error message on the GravityForms PayPal gateway issue.

Another customer experiencing the same issue told us that disabling WooCommerce’s “Buttons on Mini Cart” resolved the issue: WooCommerce PayPal Payments - WooCommerce

Also if you’re using any caching for the site, make use to exclude your form page URL from the cache.

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