Not seeing PayPal button at end of form and only showing form submission "Register" button

We have set up registration forms and for whatever reason the form does not show the PayPal button at the end of the form and only shows the “Register” button of the form. If it is selected there is the error message that “There was a problem with your submission. No order ID available, cannot create a new payment.” This only seems to happen in Firefox and is fine in Safari.

Originally the option for credit card and PayPal was used. Based on similar topics regarding Stripe payment issues, we turned off the cc option on one of the forms and just stuck with PayPal. It did not fix the issue. I saw an answer regarding potential caching plugin issues with the suggestion using Fresh Forms. We don’t use the plugin discussed but figured “couldn’t hurt”. Also not a fix for the issue. According to the documentation if the Conditional Logic is not selected in the form settings all forms should be processes by PayPal.

If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

It would appear that the form is unable to replace the Submit/Register button with the PayPal Smart Payments Buttons in Firefox. I tried the form in Chrome and it worked fine.

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