After upgrade to multiple problems

I have a legacy (pre-2.5) form that uses conditional logic on several product fields that based on what is selected tallies the form total. I use PayPal Commerce add-on for payment by PayPal or credit card. However with both options selected, nothing is displayed (just a “submit” button). If I uncheck credit card, the PayPal buttons appear and connects to PayPal for processing. Also, the reCAPHCHA does not display.

When I create a new form with several product fields which use conditional logic, the total does not sum up and displays zero. However, PayPal works on both PayPal and credit card processing. AND reCAPHCHA displays properly.

SSL is forced in both scenarios.


Hi Rick. We have released v2.5.2 today. Can you please update to that version and let us know if the issues still occur?

If they do, I recommend opening a support ticket, if you have not. Support is aware of any issues that are occurring currently in Gravity Forms and support is the best place to go for help, so that a report can be made in the event the product team has not already addressed the issue. Thank you.