Tutorials or Instruction on User Registration and User Profile

Hello everyone!
I have created a form that subscriptions can be purchased using the Stripe Add on and have connected the user registration add on to the form as well. I would like to allow a subscription purchase to create a pending profile that is manually approved. I would like to have the approved user also manage their profile on the front end of the website as well as use the Gravity Forms Stripe integration to access the Stripe Customer Portal via a shortcode. I am unsure of the pages I should create.

This is my first time building a website with this functionality and am looking for video instructions, tutorials, best practices, and general help. I have used some of the documentation to find answers but I am stuck on pages and front end implementation. I do have development skills albeit not as robust as others, but I can do the work necessary - would like a bit of assistance in the instructions though.

Thank you anyone & everyone for help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Frederick,

I just replied to another thread - Parameter user registration - with a write-up showing how you can use Gravity Flow with the user registration add-on to have a single form handle approvals and profile updates. Adding that approach with step(s) related to Stripe should give you a good baseline.

I’m not clear how you relate the WP user to Stripe Customer Portal shortcode, but either using an html field (that is only set to display on the appropriate step in the workflow) or putting it into the instructions for a particular step would be 2 ways to control when/where they see that detail. If you get the workflow setup covering the registration/payment part and run into issues with the portal display, don’t hesitate to drop our awesome support team a message via the support form in your account.