GravityStripe third party add-on

Hi, everyone. Has anyone used this plugin? If so, I would appreciate learning about your experience with it in terms of ease of use, quality of code, and quality of support.

Although I can easily set up the subscriptions in Gravity Forms, I need to have a frontend to let customers manage their subscriptions. According to this Gravity Forms blog post, the only way to do this at present in Gravity Forms without buying a third party add-on is to sign up for the Stripe Billing and Invoicing service:

Note: The Stripe Customer Portal is only available to active Stripe Billing and Invoicing customers.

That means that Stripe takes an additional 0.5% or 0.8% of every recurring transaction, so no thank you.

As such, this plugin looks appealing, but there are very few reviews on for the free version, and I’m hoping for some public or private feedback about it before potentially committing my client’s recurring payments to this plugin.

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