How to integrate user sign-in OR user registration and product purchase via Stripe?

We have a membership that we want to setup via Gravity Forms (currently using WooCommerce).
The User Registration add-on + Stripe Gateway is perfect for NEW users, but we also need to accommodate existing users that are upgrading/purchasing a different membership.

What’s the best way to allow user registration/membership purchase that could accommodate either a NEW or EXISTING user. Obviously, for an existing user we won’t be creating a new account.

What I’m thinking is something like this:

  1. If the user is already logged in (a member), they get the Stripe checkout.
  2. If the user is NOT logged in, they see a message asking if they are already a member, and if so, to sign in, then go straight to Stripe checkout.
  3. If the user is NOT logged in, and is not already a member, they see the user registration form, and then proceed to the Stripe checkout.

Ideas? Suggestions?

Hi @Jeff_Hester,

The conditional behaviours you are looking for related to user logged in status aligns quite well with Gravity Flow’s capabilities.

  • Putting a User Field on the form that you use the {user:ID} merge tag to pre-populate would let you identify if the user is/not logged in when completing the form for conditional logic on the additional fields that new user would require.
  • That field having their user ID (or not) post-submission would then let you define conditional logic on steps in the workflow as to whether User Registration should occur, whether Stripe feed should, etc.
  • When the User Registration Feed is active on a form, Gravity Flow will also provide an Update User step which could give them an opportunity to review contact details as a part of the process.


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